Benefits of breastfeeding(How much do you know?)

At the age of 7, i was obsessed with super heroes. One thing was clear,all of them had extra ordinary abilities; so do our mothers. After birth, their mammary glands produce milk that is given to babies by breastfeeding. This is a super ability we women possess. This inturn has numerous benefits for both the baby and mother so when you come to think of it, it’s a win win. How? One ask. Let me elaborate;

Well breastfed babies have;

  • A strong body immunity thus low infections
  • Less diarrhea, constipation, gastroenteritis
  • Fewer colds and respiratory illness
  • Better vision
  • Improved cognitive development
  • Reduced risk of obesity and chronic disease later in life
  • Reduced rate of child mortality

This only happens because breast milk provides numerous nutritional components, enzymes, antioxidants, immune properties and antibodies from the mother.

Breastfeeding is good for mothers because;

  • Promotes faster weight loss as more calories are burnt to produce breast milk
  • Stimulates uterus contraction
  • It reduces risk of diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, osteoporosis, hypertension and less cardio vascular diseases
  • Causes fewer urinary tract infections
  • Less chance of anaemia
  • Causes increased self esteem

This call for a sweet conclusion, breastfeeding is a necessity in a baby’s life. As we all know, babies feed on breast milk till they are 3years of age.

Therefore, by now we can all agree with the 7year old me that breastfeeding is the transfer of supernatural abilities to babies thus breastfeeding mothers are superheroes!

Encourage a mother to breastfeed today (#breastfeeding is a shared responsibility), let her know she’s a superhero!

#breastfeeding🤱 mothers are superheroes💃💃